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Vintage is a type of antique renovated carpet that has conformed to the most modern design in the world. Homa carpet is justifiably proud to announce that our company is one of the forerunners of producers and exporters of this sort of carpet The reason to be one is the constant presence in international carpet markets and cooperating with large and reputable Italian companies as well.

The vintage collection created by Homa Carpet with the deliberate intention of reusing old carpets and bringing them back to life. In this way antique product gains contemporary features communicating their special message from ancient times. This coupling of classicism and modernity strikes a cord with the eco conscious consumer of today. The Pesrian Homa Carpet company have spent many years building expert knowledge and experience frequenting the carpet bazaars of Iran. Understanding the unique characteristics of pattern and patina and desire to refresh their product to suit the needs of the present moment, resulted in this exciting transformation. To achieve this Homa Carpet distress yet preserve the original patterns then, using tones of black, grey, blue, brown, green, red and purple, the whole carpet is recoloured. The result is a completely new concept: each carpet a ‘new’ original. Each becomes a stand alone work of art.

On this page you can see different “examples” types about Vintage collection (these products are not available in our warehouse, but are reproducible in a similar manner, starting from type and color chosen), please contact us for product information and availability, we will try to meet your requirements in a short time!